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Free Parenting Program: "Parenting Secrets to Peer Pressure Proof Your Kids"


You’ll walk away from this program with: -secrets to parenting your kids to get them to willingly cooperate, listen, learn to make good choices and build self-confidence as they grow. -simple, practical tools to know exactly what to do when kids act up so you stay in control of yourself and the situation without being controlling, even when you’re tired and at the end of your rope. -the secret weapon you need to defuse tantrums on the spot (even in public!) -the little-known secrets and hidden language to solve the strange puzzle of how your child’s mind works so they’re automatically prompted to cooperate without bargaining, yelling, throwing your hands up in frustration or caving in. Ultimately, you’ll discover the tools and secret road map to raising happy, cooperative kids who grow into confident, respectful teens who are resilient to peer pressure, even in this tough world of bullies, social media, mean girls and the internet. This event is free and open to the public. Please sign up by contacting the church office by email @ or phone 253-752-1123 or on the facebook event page. Childcare available if you register by Noon on Thursday, April 19th. Sponsored by the Bethany Presbyterian Church Deacons.