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Best Hikes With Kids with Susan Elderkin

Family/Child (Books), Signing/Readings

Come to Browsers on Saturday, May 5 at 1:00 PM. Want to share your love of the outdoors with your young children? Best Hikes with Kids: Western Washington is just the guide you need to help them experience nature for themselves in a fun and active way. Parent and hiking expert Susan Elderkin knows what kids need in a hike, so the 125 routes here are specifically selected to appeal to them, from toddler to grade-schooler, with reasonable distances (not more than 6 miles), doable elevation gain (less than 1000 feet), and an emphasis on trails close to major urban centers. A “quick guide” helps you decide where to go—whether it’s to find berries, see birds and animals, hug a big tree, or check out some delightfully weird places!