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Olympia Arts Walk: Jonni Reed at Grand Vin

Art Show

Join Grand Vin Wine Merchants for an opening reception with artist Jonni Reed as part of the Olympia Arts Walk. Jonni Reed - Artist Statement I am a Pacific Northwest native. I live on an island in the Puget Sound. I enjoy painting both plein air (outside) and in my studio. My subjects are simply patterns of light, shadow, color, and shapes. Painting outside challenges me to capture the image and my ideas before the light and weather alter it completely. In the studio I try to paint alla prima, (all at once) to achieve that same freshness and spontaneity. My drawing background began when I was in college for interior design. Many classes such as perspective, color, art history, basic drawing and design were required and I loved the exposure I received to launch my painting career. I began in watercolor on paper, then chose to challenge myself further by switching to oils. At the end of a session, I place the painting at a distance, pour myself a glass of red and critique the work. Then maybe a few touch ups and decide to frame it or start over!