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#SEXUNTOLD by Katlyn Hubner Opens at 950 Gallery


From the Artist: "Sexism has been witnessed and conditioned through culture, by parents, religion, science, and the failing bureaucratic system our government is barely functioning with. It is hard to point the finger and be able to say if the church or the state is more to blame for cultural defects and bad habits. What inspired me to make this series was the finger pointing to a fault. #metoo Humans… This is #sexuntold. A movement for the people. I hope this show can shine a light on those who have been forgotten, misunderstood, abandoned and betrayed. Is this an art show? A social experiment? Are we all living art? Katlyn Hubner is a visual artist, born and raised in Baltimore, and currently living in Seattle, Washington. Her creative endeavors first began as an art model traveling across North America and working with hundreds of artists of different mediums. She always had a profound appreciation for the human form, and it is a major influence in her work.