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2018 Urban Studies Forum: Creating Youth-Friendly Cities

Community Event

For 2018, the annual Urban Studies Forum explores urban livability through the perspective of children and youth. Urban areas that support the safety and success of children and youth are attractive to all, and provide for our future. In addition to their centrality for our future, youth comprise a significant population. Nearly 20% of Pierce County residents are aged 15 or younger. Every aspect of urban sustainability and livability directly affects our children and youth: neighborhood safety, education opportunities, recreational spaces, healthcare, healthy food, and affordable housing shape our children’s lives and futures. Not surprisingly, these characteristics draw and keep families in our cities and towns. The Forum will begin with a panel of youth, setting the stage with their experiences and hopes. A panel of local youth-service leaders will follow, and finally we’ll hear from a scholar of urban spaces for children. The Forum is free but registration is required. Register online at: