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Refugee Nocturne and Other Works for One and Two Guitars

Chamber Music, Classical, Irish/Celtic, Latin/Salsa

Classical guitarist Jeffry Steele performs a program of solos by himself (with electronic enhancements), Barrios, Rota, and traditional Irish, and, in collaboration with Ken Jacobsen, duets by Bach, Sagreras, and Cardoso. The lengthiest piece is Steele's Refugee Nocturne, prompting him to make the program a benefit for refugees. The remaining music relates a theme of longing for homeland, in this case Ireland, Italy, S. America, and Germany. Jeffry Steele has a Masters in Composition from Boston's New England Conservatory and was described as "a splendid musician" by the Boston Globe. More recently he received a Masters in Counseling from St Martin's U, with his current work in the helping profession raising his awareness of the plight endured by many immigrants. There is no admission charge but a free will offering will be taken and be sent in full to the American Refugee Committee, which provides refugee assistance around the world.