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Solar In Tacoma Free Workshop

Talks/Lectures, Green/Environmental, Class/Workshop

Artisan Electric is excited to announce a free “Solar In Tacoma” workshop series in 2018. If you know someone considering solar in the Tacoma area, this is an excellent place for them to get started and now is the time. All Solar In Tacoma workshops are at the Tacoma Nature Center and all are free! We'll have some free pizza and craft beer to go along with our free information about solar photovoltaics. Child care is not available so please be mindful about sound levels so everyone can hear the presentation easily. In these free workshops we'll discuss: - The environmental and economic benefits of going solar. - The technology - how it works, connects to your home and the electrical grid. - State and Federal incentives for solar. - What homes are best for solar. - Financial considerations and ROI estimates. Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union, (PSCCU) will also be present to discuss low-interest Energy-Smart loans that have helped more than 2,000 Washingtonians install solar PV systems.