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Time Machine (Mashina Vremeni)


One of the oldest Russian rock groups Time Machine (Mashina Vremeni) emerged at the crest of "Beatlemania" among Moscow students in 1968. Despite the influence, Mashina never sounded much like the Beatles. Their rock anthems which are a staple of Russian pop-culture, somewhat resemble Creedence Clearwater Revival, and over the course of their career they've recorded songs in various tints of 70's rock music, in addition to numerous Blues numbers. Although presented as a rock band, Mashina Vremeni incorporates many different genres; and throughout their development, the band has played in many styles beginning with imitations of Western rock leaders, and ending with Mashina's unique style. Most of the charm of their songs is in melody and lyrics - the most popular songs in their repertoire are played only with guitar beats or one simple guitar solo. But that doesn't reduce their popularity among listeners of all ages: Mashina Vremeniís CD's and concert DVD's are among the best-sellers in Russia for the past four decades. It is probably one of the only Russian rock bands at whose concerts one can see bearded, 50-something Beatles fans alongside teenagers in the crowd.